Career in Mowi



We are experienced and trusted employer for 12.717 employees in 24 countries, among the others in Norway, Scotland, USA, Canada, Taiwan, Chile, Ireland and Poland. In Pomerania region we employ more than 4000 people, both, in our offices and in our factories.



For years we have been creating and setting trends for the development of the sector. We are the leader of the Blue Revolution, promoting aquaculture friendly for human health, environment and local communities. Our actions are aimed at increasing the amount of seafood, what will ensure a bright future for millions of people worldwide.


Are you eager to create future on your own? Interested in working with us? Join the Blue Revolution

- Who do we look for? -


Entry-level employees

- willing to gain a solid professional experience in the strategic sector for the region. 


Experienced employees

- who will hold Team Leader positions. We appreciate those who have wide range of competencies and those with a narrow-specialization.


Specialists in the accounting processes field

- OtC  (ang. Order to Cash), PtP (ang. Procure to Pay), RtR (ang. Record to Report), GL (ang. General Ledger). 



- production employees, mechanic and electrician specialists, automatics specialists, IT specialists.

We currently recruit for the positions of>>

- Why work at Mowi? -


In Mowi we don’t forget that it is always the PEOPLE behind each success.


We are the leader in the sector thanks to incredible people whose passion, engagement and a broad knowledge are the base of our organization for several decades.


What matters to us is not only what but who you are. We want you to feel comfortable and to perform your duties with pure passion. We will do our best to get to know you and your skills better, just to make sure we can provide you with favourable working conditions for developing your competencies.

We have clean and transparent rules

Our culture is based on a deep-rooted Scandinavian values like equality, trust and fairness. By implementing them, we have created our own ethos, adding further values which are precious to us: passion, sharing and a change- allowing us to improve ourselves in each aspect of our activity


No matter where you work - in Poland, Canada or Norway. You can be sure that these universal values and high standards will apply to you and to all of your colleagues everywhere.


Stability and diversity - a perfect combination

We are proud of the fact that most among almost 13 000 of our employees have decided to build a lifelong career in the sector with Mowi. At the same time, multicultural experience makes us a perfect choice for those who value openness and diversity.