Mowi Poland S.A. is a part of the Norwegian Mowi ASA based in Bergen, Norway.


We specialize in Atlantic salmon farming and processing and we are the undisputed world leader in this area. Along with the salmon, we also offer a wide range of other fish and seafood products. At present, our products are available in 70 markets, which makes us one of the world’s largest companies in the industry.


While supplying top quality products to your tables, we place great importance on the way we farm the fish, the conditions in which they grow and what they are fed. We constantly monitor salmon health. To make it all happen, uniquely in the entire world, we control all stages of the production sequence. We have our own farms, where salmon live stress-free lives in conditions close to nature. The feed we give the salmon is produced exclusively by us. It is healthy and environmentally-responsible, free from antibiotics, and its preparation is subject to very strict quality controls. We control the time during which the fish is delivered to one of our fourteen European state-of-the-art processing plants. The processing of fish in these plants is subject to thorough inspection and verification to achieve the ultimate quality food product.

Every day, 12 thousand employees, four thousand of whom work in our processing plants and offices in Poland, do their best to encourage you to reach for our products more often.