In reference to media publications related to the escape of salmon fromPunta Redonda farm in Chile, resulting from east wind storm and a potential danger following their consumption, due to antibiotics which they contain, we would like to reassure our clients by ensuring the following:

  1. Our products come only from Norwegian farms and are not imported from Chile.
  2. Our products do not contain antibiotics and it is confirmed by relevant certificates. Marine Harvest Poland, as the only producer of salmon in Poland, gives a 100% guarantee that there is no antibiotics in fish.
  3. ASC ( Aquaculture Stewardship Council) standard which is awarded individually to each farm of the Marine Harvest Group in Norway is the confirmation of the above. This certificate awarded by ASC, as an independent international non-profit organization, assures our clients that Marine Harvest salmon are farmed in compliance with strict fish feeding requirements and that our fish is an antibiotic-free product.
  4. Our own healthy and eco-friendly fish feed is produced especially for the needs of our Norway farms. It includes only ingredients that come from certified crops and from verified suppliers. Due to this fact we can guarantee that antibiotics have not been used neither at this stage.
  5. Our salmons grow in comfortable environment,on certified farms and their life-cycle corresponds to the natural one. Young salmons spend their first year in freshwater, separated areas under the attentive care of Marine Harvest staff. An extended period of living in an isolated environment makes the fish less vulnerable to diseases which proves that there is no need for antibiotics.

We would like to emphasize that we have never disappointed our clients, by always providing safe and high quality products that guarantee full satisfaction from your choice. We wish to assure that the quality of our products is our priority.

20th July 2018